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puppy playing in the park

Puppy Socialisation - Why is it going wrong?

For the last twenty years or so, trainers have been drumming it into owners they must socialise their puppy with people and other dogs. In many puppy socialisation classes all the puppies are let off lead together so they can play. This sounds great in theory but in reality some pups learn to be bullies...

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dog in a suitcase

Rescue dogs from abroad

There is increasingly a growing trend for people to adopt/rescue dogs from various countries abroad; Romania, Greece, Spain, France and others.

Personally I’m not in favour of this because there are thousands of dogs in this country, languishing in rescue centres, desperately needing...

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lyn fleet breed image

Breed Specific Articles

What do you really have at the end of your lead? If you don’t know what your dog was originally bred to do, you won’t be able to tell what is perfectly normal behaviour or what is out of the ordinary.

Sadly, many people do more research when they are buying a new car, TV or even vertical blinds...

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balanced dog trainers

What is a Balanced Trainer

There is an increasing and worrying trend for people to promote themselves as a ‘balanced dog trainer’. A fairly innocuous phrase you might think, particularly when seeing the word balanced.

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