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One to One Training

Basic training exercises

For many people, classes are not best suited for their needs. It could be:

  • They prefer 1-1 attention in their own home or local in the park

  • Their shifts clash with the days and/or times of class

  • No babysitter for their very young children

  • Transport issues

  • They have just one training exercise they need help with

I can offer you a 1-1 training service. You can either book individual sessions as and when you need them or book a package at a reduced cost.

Single Sessions:

One 60 minute training session - Only £50

Package of Sessions:

Four x 60 minute training sessions - Only £170
**Please note payment must be made in full at the start**

**Please Note: These prices are for teaching basic training exercises only and NOT a consultation for existing behaviour problems.**

To discuss your training needs and what help I can offer please don't hesitate to

Are Dog Training Classes Right For You?


Why do you want your dog to go to a class?

If it is because your dog wasn’t socialised as a puppy and behaves aggressively towards other dogs or people, a class environment is NOT the way to resolve the problem. You and your dog need help on a one-one basis.

If however, you have a sociable dog that just needs to ‘further their education’ then classes would be well worth considering.


Choosing a class


When you are choosing a class you need to be absolutely sure that they are right for you and your dog’s needs. Trainers that accept aggressive dogs into their class are putting the safety of other attendees at risk and it could have a detriment effect on your dog’s lovely temperament. What you may be told over the telephone or see on their website is often not what actually goes on. There is a saying in consumer law, Buyer Beware! You are responsible for doing your own research. Unfortunately, these days you can’t take people at face value. A trainer might have all sorts of letters after their name. It can look impressive but in reality be totally meaningless. So check, check and check again.

I always recommend that owners should visit the class first without their dog and observe what is going on. If there is something you are not happy with then walk away.

Knowledgeable and qualified trainers that use modern, kind and effective methods are few and far between. A good trainer is worth their weight in gold and their classes are usually booked up well in advance.

The only person that I have complete faith in and will refer owners to is

Helen Roberts (0151 722 3767)