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All About Dog Food - Do you actually know what your dog’s food contains and how to interpret an ingredient list? David Jackson worked in the pet food industry for many years. He knows all the tricks of the trade and how owners are often hoodwinked. His site will give you all the information you need that will enable you to make an informed decision about the dog food (and treats) that you buy.

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Dogs Trust (Merseyside) - The health and happiness of every dog is at the heart of all our efforts and we try to find each and every dog in our care a loving home for life.

We never destroy a healthy dog.

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Dog Law We believe that we were the first Solicitor's firm in the UK to exclusively practice the law on dogs. The principal of Cooper & Co, well known Solicitor Trevor Cooper, represented his first dog owning client c.24 years ago – so we like to think we have a considerable ‘pedigree’!!!

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IdentitagPet ID Tags are one of the best ways to ensure the safe return or urgent medical care your pet may need. Our durable dog and cat tags come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes so there is always a tag to suit your pet. Our tags are deep engraved and inlaid with black paint, before being highly polished. Each tag comes complete with a split ring for easy attachment to your pets collar.