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Dogs With Jobs

Your pet dog is capable of so much more than just sit, down, stay!! Let me show you just a couple of things he can help you with after just a little training. We have all been there! As age starts to catch up with us we may start to notice we become slightly less mobile and less flexible so reaching down for those dropped keys can become a little painful to retrieve. Our pet dogs are capable with a little training of becoming so much more useful to us than just a "best friend" they can become a real assistance to help you in your everyday life, and the good thing is because you are training your dog it stimulates his mind which will lead to less of a tendency to become disruptive or bored.


I am a former trainer for Dog Aid (Assistance In Disability) a national charity, which provides specialised training for people with physical disabilities and their own pet dog.

Meet Bergen

He is a fully qualified Assistance Dog. In addition, Bergen has a wonderful temperament and he is a fabulous ambassador of the breed.

He is often to be seen in and around the shops on Allerton Road and Penny Lane; his favourite place to visit is the chemist shop at Smithdown Place, because he just loves all the fuss that the staff give him.

He has been trained to pick up anything that his owner has dropped. He will hold his mum’s purse whilst she is at the ATM or at the supermarket checkout.

Bergen has acquired many other skills such as: Searching for and bringing the TV remote control, the phone, car keys, and emptying the washing machine!!

Bergen also helps make his owners bed!!

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